We’ve tested hundreds of them and selected our favorites for specific uses. If you’re looking for a stationary transmitter to use with your TV or another home audio source, we recommend Avantree’s Oasis Plus. [Extended long range]: experience the wireless freedom to walk anywhere in the house! All you need is a Bluetooth transmitter. Wireless headphones are great—until you want to use them with a source that lacks Bluetooth, such as an in-flight entertainment system, a Nintendo Switch, or an older TV. Much like the Mpow BH259A, it supports aptX Low Latency, multi-device pairing, and a receiver mode. Simply switch it on, and you'll see it powers on and enters pairing/ RECONNECTION mode automatically. (Note: to achieve low latency (<40ms delay) your receiving device (headphones/ speakers) must also support aptX Low Latency otherwise the connection may experience a 70-220ms delay. In addition, voice prompts make it crystal clear what the transmitter is doing; for example, it announces when it’s in pairing mode, or when a new device has successfully connected. Thankfully, you can use any short cable in its place, and they’re cheap. 44 inch screen to better visualize phone calls, music, car battery voltage. The Oasis Plus is larger than the BH259A and lacks a battery, but we don’t think those drawbacks are huge concerns for a home-based transmitter. Photo: Michael Murtaugh, The BH259A has a single 3.5 mm auxiliary port and a Micro-USB charging port. 1. If you need something with a significantly larger range then go for the Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter. It†s a nice matte black color, and it feels quite sturdy when set flat on a counter or desktop. An essential feature that a Bluetooth adapter should have is its wide range of compatibility. "In today†s inter-connected world it†s now a standard feature for devices to have Bluetooth connectivity. Supports Digital optical/ AUX/ RCA Audio output standards making it compatible with 99% of the TVs on the market. You can even use it to connect a Bluetooth ready device with another that does not have Bluetooth capabilities. While some people may find the voice alerts annoying and turn them off, we thought the amount of information was quite a relief after the ambiguous controls on so many other models. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, The best Bluetooth transmitter for your TV, Best portable Bluetooth transmitter: Mpow BH259A, Best Bluetooth transmitter for your TV: Avantree Oasis Plus, best Bluetooth audio receiver for your home stereo or speakers, Monoprice’s Bluetooth 5 Clip-on Transmitter & Receiver (38072), The Best Audiophile Headphones for Everyday Use. Dual Link & no lip-sync delay: immerse yourself in your favorite movies and TV shows with this world-first Dual-Link, aptX low-latency-supported Bluetooth multipoint transmitter, which boasts zero lip-sync delay. The Mpow BH259A offers what you should be looking for from a Bluetooth transmitter: support for the aptX Low Latency codec (to improve the sync between audio and video), the ability to pair to two sets of headphones at once, and the added convenience of using it as a transmitter or receiver. We’re fans of Avantree here even if you havent heard of them, see our. Before buying a Bluetooth transmitter it is vital to first determine what and how you will use this device. ZIIDOO Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, 3-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Adapter,Low Latency Bluetooth Audio 8.1 7.6 8.2 8: TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver, Wireless 3.5mm Audio Adapter Connect the Oasis in between your TV and Sound bar - then use the convenient bypass switch to choose between your sound bar (bypass mode) and streamed Audio (Bluetooth mode) without the need to plug/unplug any wires. Aluratek - Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Transmitter. If you are looking for a worthwhile Bluetooth transmitter then always check the protocol version. This likely just depends on your setup, however – there was nothing in the direct way between the transmitter and my headphones when I was using it. It also boasts a built-in microphone for hands free phone calls, it supports a TF / MicroSD card for playing music directly off of your local storage, and it plays all of your audio at crystal clear levels. The number of apps it will and the size of the device will also factor into your decision. It isn’t the smallest Bluetooth transmitter we tested, but it is slim enough that it should fit in gym shorts or even yoga-pants pockets. If you’re looking for a more permanent setup to wirelessly transmit audio from your TV or another home audio device, go with Avantree’s Oasis Plus. This small, portable transmitter has the most intuitive controls and sounds as good as any other model. If you are planning on getting a portable one then always look for one that has a decent battery life and has a compact design. Mpow’s BH259A is the best portable Bluetooth transmitter because it matches the audio features of every other device we tested and its status lights make connecting and using this transmitter easier than using any other.

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