I am in beta 1.15.50 or 51 by the way. finally someone put this mod on Minecraft Forums! Older Versions Here:https://www.mediafir...n/LittleMaidMob Yes I plan on adding every block that I am able. It might be insane and would be impossible to do, but if it’s possible. For me they show up in inventory, but i can’t stonecut them. I use PC mainly but I am trying to figure it out for some friends we can all enjoy mods . Updated Manifest.json file to hopefully prevent crashes in 1.13. Different crafting tables for alternate wood types. This isn’t the creator however it currently isn’t possible, there are lots of limitations with addon blocks currently, hopefully they will update this , You are the Voice of Reason in this see of Ignorance, Thank you for your service. So will you be able to carve blocks like in the chisel mod or use the stone cutter to make tiny small blocks, if you ever update this try granite, andesite and diorite. On Bedrock we recently got the stone cutter in the game and when using it i noticed its functionality is very similar to the chisel from java edition so I decided to get to work moving it over. That would be very cool. The Chisel mod is a very popular decoration mod used frequently on java edition but bedrock edition has not had access to it, until now. yeah. Just an Idea -I can’t wait to see the next update! Is there a way you can break the chiseled block faster once it’s placed? Note: Custom blocks, from what I understand, are bugged if you are in the beta 1.15 and may not work correctly. and has no obvious way of waiting for the real download. … 1.15 bug fixed in last 1.15 beta. Where Is The link To The New Updated Version? Thanks for bringing it to bedrock, Thank you for making this I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and I hope you add more in the future, This add-on supports 2 different versions, which is 1.12 and 1.13 (beta), © 2014-2020 MCPEDL.com.We are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, If showcasing please use link for this mcpedl page do not use your own link. I clicked the link and even the page itself warns that the shortener links have malicious ads, please remove them and put a direct link. HiddenLights. Hello everyone. I would like it if you wanted to join my team making a survival modpack. 1.8.X versions are updated and maintained by elise_blacklab here! I like how to cobblestone textures look. Some other textures are from the Painterly Pack created by Rhodox and Friends. This is Rivers177, what textures are messed up for you? And also adf.ly keeps repeating itself, so when I skip ad, redirects me to adf.ly again, skip ad, brings me back to adf.ly and on and on and on… Not sure if this is adf.ly’s problem or the problem of the link. Links provided are broken. A good rule of thumb to have when using add ons is whenever a new version comes out to make a back up of your world before loading up that way if something goes wrong you don’t lose anything. The inventory issue is on the minecraft side. Great Add-on! By BendyTheDemon18 Published on February 14, 2020 (Updated on May 6, 2020) SCP Foundation Add-on V3 (The New Beginning) (1.13+) This Add-on added new mobs from the SCP universe into minecraft, each mob will have their own ability, If you a fan of the SCP foundation page then this addon is for you. I hope this is correct! Right click your maid with a saddle and it will make her sit in your head. She will stay by the furnace until everything gets cooked or smelted. Cause that would be cool. *Only available if you downloaded and installed the soundpack. i don’t know how you did it but congrats because you are i think the first add-on maker to add a new block to the game in 1.16! Still, amazing work and thank you for porting this to Bedrock!! I look forward to more blocks being added but by any chance will we see stairs? Orespawn is very extensive and we still need the ability to make new armor and dimensions. I Think I Know How To Solve That! Possible thing i could do if enough people want it is make new blocks that could give the connected texture look. This mod is pretty much integral to my worlds. All credits for this mod go to MMM and the other devs and people that made this mod possible in the minecraftuser.jp forum! The version I am in (beta 1.15) sadly has a bug that causes custom blocks to fail. Can you make so that the light won’t pass through them las if they’re transparent block? Shout-out to @Sopresh64 on twitter for making the possible a lot sooner! i have installed this mod and created a new creative world, unfortunatley i cannot find the 3 resources anywhere. Please fix. So will the Bits of the chiseled be in a update? The blocks aren’t showing up and the stonecutter won’t cut anything other than usual. that is the best thing ever. This is AMAZING you should definitely add different varieties of the sea lantern just like you did the glowstone. There is no function command, just simply place your desired block you want to chisel in stone cutter and select which one you want. The maid will stay in the same spot and it will not move. Fencers will attack any HOSTILE entity near you. After all the blocks are in however ill look at updating textures. All fixed now and added a mirror. I HATE THAT RATING ON THIS. Right now I'm using forge .407 so I'm sure that one works. as a builder I LOVE THIS ADD-ON!!! It looks great and the reviews are awesome but it won’t download correctly. Expansion+ Add-on. Crafting is super simple as well! Don’t know why there are bad ratings, this should be 5/5! I love it!! This addons is cool by the way. Only available at night or in dark areas. It’s been working fine for me, I’m not playing the beta tho, have you turned on experimental gameplay? Bioplentia improves the appearance of biomes. I hope this helps someone download mods on iOS 13, Any people wondering how to work it on console just put the file in compress and add it, Great but add the futura block and chiseled redstone block, Great Addon! One thing i can recommend is either making sure the correct texture pack version is installed or try reinstalling the add-on altogether. I was looking for something that adds lots of new block variants for a Tuscany inspired village I’m working on and this is it! Amazing! GET MMMLib HERE(Not required for 1.7.x Here for archive purposes) What problem are you having with the link? LOLOL IM NOT OWNER BUT IT HAPPEND TO ME! Coffee Workshop PE mod for Minecraft BEFor all coffee lovers, meet the ported Coffee Workshop mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.. can you help with this ? works great and also works on realms. Mon Discord Trash_Uzumaki#0616. *If you find any incompatibilities with any other mod, let me know so i can note it. The Radeon doesn’t work, I can install, bug in game nothing changes, Mine too its just changing the texture of the crafting table, You need to turn on experimental gameplay. Because I can’t use it now, I would really appreciate your answer. It works, but might have bugs. Current blocks are all wood planks, all concrete colors, and stone and cobblestone. Ads by Fandom. Thank you everyone who has given me their support in this thread and helped me help others while I am away! I play on console, and mods are very difficult to download through things like adfly. If it is at all possible, please make a stair and slab variant. Hello there!!! I haven’t used realms myself yet, but i’m planning on it in the near future and when I do i’ll try and figure out a way for it to work. Published on July 16, 2019 (Updated on October 9, 2020). that would be great. But I am just wondering what it is you did that makes your mod work on consoles? Instead of getting block variants when I open the stonecutter, i get a huge list of normal blocks each with a ton of duplicates. This addon can be VERY UESFULL for my zombie game however if you cant make it available for 1.14 beta then you might be able to make it available for 1.15 beta when it comes out. It’s such a disappointment because I was so looking forward to seeing it and using the new blocks. How do you use the chisel things? el complemento está increíble pero faltan bloques me gustaría que estos bloque también se puedan cambiar el tronco,el tronco sin cortesa ,las librerías ,el cristal y los ladrillos. 10/10. This Add-on currently adds over 2,000 new blocks to decorate with and there will be more on the way! I have tried everything (and I actually mean EVERYTHING) that I could find online and it still won’t load. Also, if you are, then could you next add the others Also remember I am not the developer of this mod so I can not help with any technical info or support. I’ve been using the older version of this add on and it finally stopped working for me. Yo fam, is this gonna be made for use on realms soon, do you read the comments cuz its seems not to work can u plz fix it. Recipe up above. Stairs and slabs aren’t possible to add yet with addons. If you have enable spawn egg true in your configs, you can use this recipe to craft a spawn egg. Please make blocks of ores! Great mod that ACTUALLY works. just make newer textures for wood and stone type blocks. Thank you all for everything you do! ★★★★★★★★★★★★ Permissions ★★★★★★★★★★★★. It would be good if in a future update they could make the blocks be categorized as it is with wood, fences, doors, etc. 1.7.X versions are updated and maintained by EMB40 here! Thanks for listening. Hay alguna manera de que puedas activar el mod sin que se activen los trucos? I’m updating the page to say that. I have turned off the need to download the .exe and you should get taken directly to mediafire now. Console users as a console user myself I will do some testing and try to get a download for you all. this one is only for decoration i would call this decoration blocks addon instead of chisel addon make it were you could cut blocks and make it tiny. Welcome to the unofficial littleMaidMob thread! I have used this addon for a bit now. New blocks will be coming soon guys! Github Pleeaaassse add the other blocks from the mod like the factory block that would make this already amazing add-on even BETTER! I keep getting this error and i don’t now what it means. This is the Creator Rivers177 had trouble logging in. The blocks will work again with /give and I believe the stonecutter too if you remove the following line: For some reason in 1.15 the blocks break with that line.

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