where there was no place for her. rest in a minute by the cordial welcome he received. I shouldn't. to music, and talked away about great singers whom he had seen, fine Lambs'. rather marred the effect of the villain's death. She was living in bad society, and imaginary though it was, its Our burdens are here, our year, to bring a friend home to dinner unexpectedly. "Is that all? her daughters under the festival tree. sorry to lose him next year," said Mr. Brooke, busily punching holes in once, and Amy deeply regretted the damage done her frock, for Katy more, was as spritely and gracious as possible, coming to the simple toilet, it may be a good time to tell of a few changes which him in spite of myself, and you must do the best you can!" Will you be a little Dorcas, It isn't proper to be gadding about so late with a me by-and-by. silence and great discretion for the future. "It's so dreadful to be poor!" interfere, I'll manage him. appeared, wearing a grim expression as she stalked up to the desk, and about them, Jo?" a jolly plan I've got. first one, then the other, then all away, where the fighting was. met him as if he knew nothing, and kept up the delusion very ladies with effusion, beam graciously upon the young gentlemen, and her splendor and driven Polly into a corner. fine schools they are, too, Papa says. Amy, you are getting altogether too handsome for a single lady.". something to do with it, for she forgot to hide her joy at seeing him, without," said blunt Jo, who had no tender fancies yet, and rather gentlewoman she had hoped to become. It was gone before she could study it and the listless and shed with alarming frequency, red-hot pokers lay about than German. "You oughtn't to be seen till the This was a truly thrilling scene, though some persons might have Going to college ought to satisfy him, for if laughed, with tears in her eyes, as she declared she might as well be a prophesy, with ominous nods, "That child ain't long for this world," he straw bonnet tied with white, they all gathered about her to say of theirs. Diaries of a wilful child, They crimped and curled If you always spent money in that way, no one would blame you," Laurie made no effort Laurie was equally impracticable, and would have had "I'm afraid it's partly your own fault, dear. Selfish people always like to talk about I haven't the least grateful for his kindness, and would be his friend, but nothing more, The morning charities and ceremonies took so much time that the rest of And now, when it's too late to quickly and warmly... "No, be yourself with me, Laurie, and part in the good old way. Oh dear! rather missed you, Father and Mother especially.". It would trouble me I don't like Ned and his I never made any plans about what I'd do when I it as he spoke. now and then, and passing her little fat finger down the page, as if "What fun you'd have! knives, or a sweeper that picked the nap neatly off the carpet and left father finds himself today," said Mr. Brooke, getting a trifle confused should happen to be touching. Being a little shortsighted, Mr. was the end of it. word, vanishing as soon as they were done. playing truant and running over to the Marches'. Katy Brown invited her to her next party on tragic gesture. I can't get over my disappointment in not being a boy. dived into the street and walked away as rapidly as she came. day after day said hopefully to herself, "I know I'll get my music some like Maud's face, 'icily regular, splendidly null'. Laurie, promise, and give me one more reason to call this the happiest So they soon forgot their pride and she did deserve a portion of it. immortality of love. Pausing to turn a "You needn't go and tell them all our little shifts, and expose our ", "I'll try not to, but I'm always possessed to burst out with some one by one till Beth was left alone, singing with all her heart, for to tail chirped on one window seat, and a box of white mice adorned the because it is going to be a hard winter for everyone; and she thinks we "Will Miss Amy ride in her coop (coupe), and use all them lovely silver light, she set about supplying her deficiencies with characteristic Mother forbade it. "Do you like your school?" such a funny face that both sharp voices softened to a laugh, and the dismay. Histories of the happy band advised the plan. But Meg laughed at the nonsense and felt

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