I Hope you liked reading this post & If you find anything more to be added or removed feel free to write it in our comments. Log in to the ESXi Host Client using the below URL https:
And that is NOT a joke. That’s it for Today Friends. Overview My question really is – can I use these API methods to perform backup and restore as easily as I was able to with the vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/restore_config /tmp/configBundle.tgz? The method described in the post does not use SSH. I have created a PowerCLI script called Get-Esxconf.ps1 which just accepts a VMHost object. If you wish to perform periodic full backups of your ESXi host (which includes esx.conf by default among other files), there is a vSphere API for this by using the HostFirmwareSystem and the BackupFirmwareConfiguration() method. Free Stuff – Free virtualization utilities, ESXi Free, Monitoring and free backup utilities for ESXi … Specifically we have HP blades and we are using logical serial numbers in the blade profiles, but have a need to pull the physical serial numbers via ESXi. For ESX 3.x use the vmkdump utility: # vmkdump -l vmkernel-zdump-filename; For ESXi 3.5, ESXi/ESX 4.x and ESXi 5.x, use the esxcfg-dumppart utility: # esxcfg-dumppart -L vmkernel-zdump-filename I have installed ESXi on a UCS B-Series Blade but have been unable to enumerate the UUID (set via Service Profile) with the smbiosDump ¦ More command. The above command works for ESX 3 to 4 versions as it comes with a service console. In case the VM is frozen within the console and cannot be shut down gracefully through the console, you might want to try to shut down a VM gracefully via the CLI. If you are interested in a specific key within the esx.conf configuration file, we further process the output. This would be my recommendation given you should be able to pull everything about the underlying hardware using this interface. The following snippet below searches for the following key /system/uuid and will return the value as it iterates through the esx.conf output. Here are just a few other use cases that I can think of on the top of my mind that could come in handy: Filed Under: Automation, ESXi, PowerCLI, vSphere Tagged With: esx.conf, PowerCLI, vCenter Server, vSphere API. Applying the same technique as I have described here, we can easily retrieve the esx.conf for a specific ESXi host being managed by vCenter Server without needing directly login to the ESXi host or worse connecting via SSH. In today’s fast paced digitization, Kubernetes enables enterprises to rapidly deploy new updates and features at scale while maintaining environmental consistency across test/dev/prod. This was helpful.... esxcfg-info | grep UUID and is getting further. But the command has been replaced with ESXi 4 onwards. Not that you need help with scripting! Just wondering and researching today if there is a command to actually take it further and set it...or is this done via the Service Profile ¦ Server Details only. For example, if you have provisioned a VLAN tagged Neutron network in Op... https://soundcloud.com/user-327105904/s7e25-from-the-office-to-anywhere-empowering-secure-remote-work-with-cisco-vdi-solutions As organizations have had to rapidly respond and transition in the face of swift change, Cisco VDI solutions have enabled ... Overview Top 5 Useful VMware ESXi CLI Commands “Softly” stop VM which is unresponsive. He focuses on Automation, Integration and Operation of the VMware Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). Do you think this would be feasible? Writing your own OpenStack Neutron ML2 Driver for Cisco UCS. The data is available only through smbiosDump as far as I can tell. Where does VMware get a beat down from Hyper-V. Yes, you could also use the BackupFirmwareConfiguration() method which would give you all the configuration files. There’s variety of tools from plink to even native SSH libraries that PowerShell (not PowerCLI) may have that can help.

It works great. All other fields return correctly for Serial Number, etc... but not UUID. Let’s take a look at how to enable SSH and allow SSH via firewall in the standalone ESXi host. Extract the .tgz file and under the commands directory, you’ll find smbiosDump.txt which is the output of the command and this can all be done w/o requiring SSH, If I get some time next week, I may do an article on this topic since I know this question has come up from time to time too and provide a simple PowerCLI example which is really based off of the same core code shared in these last two blog posts. Here is a quick recap of the three URLs which can be accessed by opening a browser and logging into the ESXi host: For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the first url endpoint /host and below is an example screenshot on some of the configuration files (46 in total) that you would be able to access using this interface. UUID returns:  "undefined, but settable". Could the HostFirmwareSystem and the BackupFirmwareConfiguration() methods be used for this purpose? I’m looking for an API method to backup / restore that is summarized in this VMware KB article:

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