Remember, always test your codes before publishing. The outer border, dots, and ghost outline must provide dark constrast to the lighter code layer color. So, if you need your code to scan from up to 7 feet away, you will need to print your Snapcode at least 1 foot in size. To unlock a Lens by name in Snap Camera, click the Search Lenses search bar. The reflections of light and sheen from the material may interfere with the ability for the Snapcode to be scanned. For example, if you are using OBS, close and reopen OBS to see Snap Camera as a selectable camera. Â. 👆 Â, If this doesn’t work, move your device closer to the Snapcode). When configuring the new device, select Snap Camera from the Device drop down. Let me know in the comments below! A friend sends you a Snap of them using a face lens, or you see a face lens in your friend’s story. 4)  Snapchat will open up the image as a Snap. To start using Snap Lenses on your desktop computer, first Download Snap Camera! 5)  You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it, or Send to Friends. Hi! Buy 500 Social Media Marketing TipsAmazon US: UK:, Follow Me: Digital zoom allows the user to pinch to zoom the camera view. Wait about three seconds, and the Snapcode will be automatically detected (you don’t need to tap anything!). The UI of Snapchat is easy to navigate and exposes you to stories and updates that the algorithm chooses based on your interests. TipIf you don't see Snap Camera as a selectable webcam, restart the application you are using, TipBrowsers like Google Chrome need to be restarted as well before web applications like Google Hangouts can utilize Snap Camera. The designated proportions are critical to the scanning process. 6)  You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it or Send to Friends! All you have to do is Swipe up when you see one in your discovery feed! A decent camera with stunning filters. 2)  On the home screen, tap on the smiley face button, 4)  Point your camera at the Snapcode. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1)  Tap the Try Lens 🔘 button at the bottom of the screen. As an example, we'll walk through how to select Snap Camera in OBS Studio, a widely used broadcast software for live streaming. This augmented video is then output to the Snap Camera virtual webcam. If so, please do get in touch to hire me to help you with for your social media marketing needs. If this doesn’t work, move your device closer to the Snapcode) 6) You’ll be asked if you want to unlock it or Send to Friends! Once downloaded, on Windows, ... For other video chat or streaming platforms, you can also show the active Lens Snapcode by enabling Show Snapcode Overlay in Snap Camera's Settings. 100% Upvoted. 2)  The lens will automatically be added to your lens carousel! 10 comments. Do not print your Snapcode on glossy material. We use cookies, including third-party cookies, on this website to help operate our site and for analytics and advertising purposes. Lenses can be shared to your viewers through the following methods. 2)  The lens will automatically be added to your roster of lenses!

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