In the film, Kim Man-seob is a self-employed taxi driver. "[30] After watching the film, President Moon commented:[31], “The truth about the uprising has not been fully revealed. The taxi drivers are presumably killed in the chase, and Tae-soo ultimately sacrifices himself to allow Man-seob and Peter to escape. Synopsis:In 1980, a foreign journalist hires a down-on-his-luck taxi driver to take him to Gwangju, South Korea. (Watch and Download Link), During the visit, Brahmstaedt planned to watch the film based on the true story of her late husband. During dinner, they hear an explosion and discover that the television station has been bombed. [21][22], A Taxi Driver received positive reviews upon its release. Kim man-seob in the film shows no interest in demos and does not know what is happening in Gwangju. [6] It was very positively received by critics, who praised its unique approach to depicting the Gwangju Uprising events, emotional weight, as well as the main character and his relationship with Hinzpeter, and was selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards. Set in 1980, the movie focused … Plainclothed Defense Security Command (DSC) officers see him filming and move to arrest him. Links | [11] The leader of the group, Yong-pyo, invites Peter aboard. Peter rescues Man-seob and the pair run back to Tae-soo's house. twelfth highest-grossing South Korean film in history, tenth most-watched local film of all time in South Korea, Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, List of submissions to the 90th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, List of South Korean submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, A Taxi Driver (2017); Genres: Action, Drama, History - Metacritic, "SONG Kang-ho Takes Lead in TAXI DRIVER Depicting the Gwangju Democratization Movement", "Korea Hails 'A Taxi Driver' For Oscar Race", 2017 South Korea Yearly Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo, "(LEAD) (Yonhap Interview) Actor Song Kang-ho speaks about new film on Gwangju Uprising", "In South Korea, an Unsung Hero of History Gets His Due", "German actor Thomas Kretschmann to visit Korea to promote new film", "KOBIZ - Korean Film Biz Zone : in Production", "S. Korean Movie "A Taxi Driver" to be Released Internationally", "Song Kang-ho Wins Best Actor at Fantasia Film Fest", "A Taxi Driver: Politics of Remembering Trauma", "Widow of German reporter Jurgen Hinzpeter to visit Seoul", "Moon watches movie about Gwangju uprising", "Moon Jae-in visits showing of 'A Taxi Driver, "Presidents' choice of films shows political messages", "Taxi Driver dislodges Battleship Island from top of Korean box office", "A Taxi Driver' dethrones 'The Battleship Island' on opening day", "A Taxi Driver sells 6 million tickets, aims to hit 10 million audience", "Korea Box Office: 'Taxi Driver' Revs Up Third-Biggest Opening of All Time", "(LEAD) 'A Taxi Driver' tops 5 mln on 7th day", "South Korea Box Office: Local Drama 'A Taxi Driver' Becomes Top Film of 2017", "Korean president watches hit movie 'A Taxi Driver, "[Korean Box Office] 'A Taxi Driver' speeds past 10 million ticket sales", "[Korean Box Office] Star-studded 'V.I.P.' [24], Jennie Kermode of Eye For Film shared the relevant ideas that the director didn’t ignore the peaceful and lovely moments besides the violent, panic and horrible scenes, and it created a contrast in emotion and let audience keep shocking or plunge into consideration. Description: A widowed taxi driver raises his young daughter alone and works hard to pay back the … This page was last edited on 10 June 2020, at 00:42 (UTC). [18][19][20], According to distributor Showbox, the film will be released in North America on August 11, Australia and New Zealand on August 24, followed by the UK on August 25. On every street in every city, there's a nobody who dreams of being a somebody.. Robert De Niro stars as Travis Bickle in this oppressive psychodrama about a Vietnam veteran who rebels against the decadence and immorality of big city life in New York while working the nightshift as a taxi driver. The more I researched on the backstory of A Taxi Driver Korean Movie, the more emotional and touched I felt. DMCA They are real-life figures of the movie “Taxi driver.” The May 18 Cemetery deliberation committee approved on Wednesday the burial of the late taxi driver at the previous … It is also Song Kang-ho's third film to have sold more than 10 million tickets. Peter pretends to be a missionary in order to enter South Korea. Man-seob agrees to take Peter and Jae-sik (now acting as translator) through Gwangju. The epilogue states that Peter tried to search for the taxi driver who took him through Gwangju, but he died in 2016 before they could meet again. Man-seob is assaulted by the leader of the DSC, who accuses the driver of being a communist. Man-seob then murmurs that he is more grateful to Peter and that he misses him too. AKA: Taxi Driver [1976], Таксист, Chauffeur de taxi. The officers recognize Peter and chase the three men; Jae-sik is captured, but before he is taken away, he yells for Peter to share the footage with the world. In 1980, Kim Man-seob is a widowed father who works as a taxi driver in Seoul. [35], According to the Korean Film Council, on the first day of the release, a total of 698,090 tickets were sold, which earned US$4.5 million. Korean Movies; Japanese Movies; Taiwanese Movies; Hong Kong Movies; Chinese Movies; American Movies; Other Asia Movies; Thailand Movies; KShow; Popular Drama; Popular Star; Drama Calendar ; Request Drama; Login; A Taxi Driver. Beyond Victims and Heroes: The 5.18 Cinema Across Gender Boundary: Introduction: The Problem of Representing Historical Trauma in Cultural Productions. Man-Seob dismisses the severity of the city's state as he believes that the recent riots were caused by students who only "go to school to protest" in part due to the news reporting misinformation. Statistics | Taxi Driver [1976], Таксист, Chauffeur de taxi, Support us | - Admins, If you want to be pernament logged-in, check in form. Synopsis: In 1980, a foreign journalist hires a down-on-his-luck taxi driver to take him to Gwangju, South Korea. Filming began on June 5, 2016, and ended on October 24, 2016. The two men discover that all the roads leading to Gwangju are blocked and heavily guarded by soldiers. Diahnne Abbott This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 07:13. (2019). They head there and Peter films the turmoil. Disclaimer | Man-seob tries to convince Peter that they should return to Seoul, but the latter refuses to pay the 100,000 won unless they reach Gwangju. [55], A Taxi Driver is yet to be released in any form in China, though it received a theatrical release on September 21, 2017 in Hong Kong. Tae-soo tows the taxi to his shop for overnight repair. I believe this movie will help resolve it.”, Some people have pointed out the formulaic elements and the weakness they brought to the film. Man-seob rushes off to steal the client. Developers | Gino Ardito Man-seob meets Peter and lures him into his taxi before heading off to Gwangju. A Taxi Driver at the Korean Movie Database; A Taxi Driver on IMDb; A Taxi Driver at HanCinema; A Taxi Driver at Naver Movies (in Korean) Last edited on 10 June 2020, at 00:42. In his speech, he expresses his gratitude to "Kim Sa-bok" and hopes to see him again someday. Man-seob becomes distressed as his young daughter is home alone and he is unable to contact her as Gwangju's phone lines have been cut. [49], By August 20, in just 19 days since the film was released, A Taxi Driver surpassed 10 million viewers selling 10,068,708 tickets,[50] earning a total of US$73 million. Cast: Peter asks Man-seob for his name and phone number as he wishes to return to South Korea to visit. It is based on German journalist Jürgen Hinzpeter's interactions with driver Kim Sa-bok; however, as Kim's identity and real name were unknown at the time the film was made (Hinzpeter only knew him as "Kim Sa-bok"), most elements regarding his life and the events that happened to him outside of Gwangju are fictional. [44][45] On the eleventh day since the opening the film recorded more than 7 million viewers. Due to strict censorship, foreign reporters are prohibited from entering the country. [51][52] A Taxi Driver also became the first film of 2017 and the fifteenth Korean film overall to surpass the 10 million milestone. This is the task we have to resolve. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. One day, he overhears another taxi driver talking about a foreign client who has booked him for a trip worth 100,000 won (or roughly 565 USD); the client intends to travel to Gwangju for the day and return to Seoul before curfew.

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