The D90’s front has a centered OLED screen and buttons on the left and right of it. Firstly I would like to thank Topping for sending me this sample to review. They never properly shown me a clear sub-bass note that can be sustained for a second or two. あのAKMのハイエンドチップですよ。 LDAC can send data up to 990 kB/sec and since all the streaming services are using the FLAC codec and not the WAV masters I am pretty sure most of the music will be streamed bit-perfect. This is documented at: With the D90's USB input giving me issues from the very beginning, then suddenly failing on me when writing this review, I can say with certainty that you are playing a slot machine when buying this device. Topping supplies a ton of different measurement values for the D90. Not a huge difference, but a noticeable one. music listened to - mainly d'n'b,…, Extremely Heavy Treble and Mids. The price point for the D90 is exceptionally good if you take into consideration how well it performs. Any music I would play, D90 would always unfold it like a candy in front of me. My Video Review: I knew Topping was brewing something new about one year ago, something that would sit on an iron throne in their product line, in the summer of 2019 I found out it’s their flagship D90 DAC that just entered its final polishing stage. Let’s see if that’s true. Signal stays strong even with 3 concrete walls between the sender and D90 and in an open-space my apartment seems to be way too small to actually hear a stutter, losing a beat, or anything bad at all. I’m astounded we have this right now at such an affordable price, I like where audiophilia is going, me gusta! As always, the XLR output doubles the output Voltage from two to four Volts. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Few people already asked me why their D70 and DX7 PRO are not working with their HDMI video devices…For D70, D90 and DX7 PRO I2S input you will need an external S/PDIF interface that can output an I2S data stream that will skip the all the digital receiver chips like AK4118 or the XMOS ones and will send all that directly to the DAC chip itself. Actual measurements with Audio Precision gear: Performance is great especially in multitone test where it stays at 116 dB SINAD. Compared to the new SMSL M300 MKII (AKM 4497) which haves it all & more compared to the D90 for small performance penalty of 2/8 dB in single/multi tone test and cost’s significantly less (240$) it is not. Listening to the legendary B.B.King – The Thrill is Gone (featuring Eric Clapton) and then to Early In The Morning (featuring Van Morrison) felt like pouring milk and honey over my ears. The star of the show is obviously the newest and highest performance DAC chip by AKM, the AK4499 that Topping put inside it. Topping are really working hard to make good looking, great sounding bits of kit. Please do note, this is not a HDMI input that you can use with your TV, media box or video player, this is an I2S input that is just using the HDMI connector. The Bluetooth chip used in this one is the flagship one from Qualcomm, the CSR8675 that is capable of receiving all modern Bluetooth codecs as SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD and LDAC. The I all seriousness, up until this moment X-Sabre Pro and Element X were the clear and undefeated winners when it came to bass response. ta_syumi | Drivers from Topping web site make a huge difference as well.. (. Ronin is unusual since it never ever has a chorus, from start to end there is no order in their music and somehow it sounds so familiar and so strange in the same time. Secondly, AK4499 has the biggest die-size/surface area of any chips made by AKM. The fact D90 plays well with DSD 512 through HQPlayer is a huge plus. Disclaimer: Topping provided the D90 free of charge for this review. The button on the left hand side also turns the unit off when you long-press it. Almost centered you will see the volume setting in dB. トップページ When I’m going to a groovy concert, I hear a lot of treble and yet all that is pleasing to me and not bothersome at all, D90 is very much like that and it’s very close to the real thing. Your email address will not be published. If you press the center button it will change the output to RCA only, XLR only or RCA+XLR at the same time. The clever part is that Topping used 2 outputs in parallel working as a single channel, by doing that they squeezed the best of out this silicon, I’m impressed. I will briefly go through it and will just mention that D90 has some impressive bass in terms of quantity and quality. D90 can be also a preamp and has a powerful Bluetooth receiver, its smaller and way cheaper too.

Apart from this, the USB receiver is the latest one from XMOS so you can be sure the USB connection will be noise and glitch-free. In addition, after a few seconds of no playback, I heard an audible pop. I only had to pay the import fees and customs when it arrived at my doorstep. It doesn’t have tons of bells and whistles but it does have a superb bluetooth implementation which many don’t. For $699 you are getting just a DAC – no overbuilt linear power supplies, filtering, massive amplifying devices, etc… The output would seem best served by a a substantial first amplifying stage. At least I can still use the unit's optical input, and it does work well enough there, so I'll give it an extra half star for that. I have also mainly been using the D90 in my hifi system as it fits perfectly into the system. The D90 is a DAC and it can also be used as a pre-amp, you can change between fixed and variable output easily. It has a perfect blend of musicality and technicality without skewing the frequency response at all.

Thanks for the write-up! First of all, it is the first commercial DAC chip that challenged the mighty ESS 9038 PRO and surpassed some of its specs. As time passed, I listened to more of their designs and I started having a deep respect for them. Left sided is on/off which doubles as input selector. Topping D90 review sample was provided by SMSL-Topping. The front panel is really simple, the On/Off button on the left works as an input selector and a longer press will turn it Off or On.

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