For Windows features, I have neither Hyper-V nor the Windows Hypervisor Platform installed. 启动wsl时报错: ==参考的对象类型不支持尝试的操作==2. 启用wsl24. Easier to use vagrant with the hyperv backend. here, here, here and here. There's a couple errors on startup about not being able to send host log messages and /dev/sda5. I tried to run Virtual Box again in the above Windows Configuration but the Green Turtle would not relent. At first sight, it looks like the latest test builds of Virtualbox doesn't produce hash sum mismatches and network issues. MacOS VM stuck in EFI shel. Doing so had the unfortunate side effect of making my Fedora 31 x64 VirtualBox 6.1.14 r140239 (Qt5.6.2) VM act strangely...assigning 4 CPUs caused Guru Meditation when booting the VM, assigning 2 CPUs seemed to fix the issues, but then I get ZLIB checksum errors when trying to install Node packages. All of WSL2, Virtual Machine Platform, Windows Hypervisor Platform were enabled. VirtualBox启用hyper-v支持2.启用wsl24.错误处理1. I got it to the point where VMs are created on Windows side, but they have incorrect networking configuration and the automatic port forwarding is set up incorrectly by Vagrant. In my case, it seems that this is an issue only with linux VMs because I have other OSes VMs (OpenBSD, Pfsense, Vyos, Palo Alto FW) that are working fine. 启动wsl时报错: ==参考的对象类型不支持尝试的操作==2.切换wsl版本失败: ==请启用虚拟机平台==5.效果展示6. Commenting to add my experience...hopefully not reducing the SNR. 给大家分享60个Android开发的精典案例,包含任务监听、设备适配,游戏框架搭建,特效实现,多点触控,网络协议,游戏关卡设置等内容。特别是做游戏开发的朋友值得研究。喜欢就拿走吧!, 指针被誉为C语言的精髓、C本质上是加了一层语法糖的汇编,引进当时先进的函数,保留了汇编强大的地址直接访问功能 —— 指针,使其高效灵活。本课程是黄强老师对于指针的一次专题讲解,相信能给大家带来收获! a:0:{}, VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX).(实力坑自己!!!), Windows 8 Developer Preview 完美与 Windows 7. My CentOS 6 vbox guest only works on the Intel Machine (just fine alongside WSL2), but not on my AMD machine. EDIT: The installation crashed shortly after. I can start my debian "sid" VM (Linux Kernel when I type in a Windows admin console: But if I enable it (needed for WSL2) with: and then reboot, my VM doesn't boot anymore but there are still things happening in the Linux Kernel before it hangs. @ciarancourtney I'm out of ideas ‍♂️ . says: This lets applications use the Hyper-V architecture for their emulation such as the Google Android Emulator, and VirtualBox 6 and above which are both now compatible with Hyper-V. Other people are reporting similar problems with WSL 2 and VirtualBox, e.g. I still need to test it myself, but here it goes. Hyper-V - OFF If you want to use WSL 2, you need to install the "Virtual Machine Platform" feature - but as soon as you do that, VirtualBox does not work properly any more. 启动快 Quiet sad for WSL2 Docker Desktop, Windows never stand well with Linux. I just reinstalled VirtualBox 6.1.14 as @xwh16 suggested. See also and 罪魁祸首: 尝试启用 WSL2,执行了 Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName VirtualMachinePlatform。然后发现现在 win10 系统是 1903,还不是预览版,无法使用 wsl2 功能。并且,这么一弄,把 VirtualBox 虚拟机搞坏了。挺悲催,这事儿花了我不少时间,最后还竹篮打水一场空。, 最后,又看了一些英文论坛,有提到一种关闭 Hyper-V 的方法。在前面操作的基础上,以管理员启动 powershell,执行:, 《Windows WSL 及 Windows Terminal 工具》:, beaplat: I use this command to get my WSL IP address: For me, the ip address usually starts with a 172. I saw a thread in the VirtualBox forum that said this problem will be fixed in the upcoming release (maybe 6.1.16). Ubuntu VM is very slow and laging. Windows 2004中的wsl2新特性3. kernel-hang-hyperv-on.txt, It seems that this is not WSL issue, but VirtualBox software's - I'd suggest closing this topic and sending feedback to VirtualBox developers directly about using it in Hyper-V mode. I have both WSL2 and VirtualBox open right now and both are working fine, Edit: I found this video on youtube, which shows the steps to use Vagrant with HyperV provider. This is a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Subreddit where you can get help installing, running or using the Linux on Windows features in Windows 10. Windows 10 Home 20H2 (OS Build 19042.630). 北京时间9月14日,微软的Build大会上发布了 Windows 8 Developer Preview 确实让人激动了一把,可是第二天,广大开发人员就面临了如何安装的问题。微软明确说明这个版本只适用于开发者,所以请那些喜欢看电影聊天的... 1.在win10上正常装docker,这里不列出装docker教程 2.关闭hyper-v 3.安装虚拟机(virtualbox或vmware) 4.虚拟机装docker(并开启2375端口) 重点来了!!! 5.在power shell中执行下列代码 //X.X.X.X 把这个换成虚拟机... 前言 今天帮同学用VirtualBox安装虚拟机,出现了一个问题,在新建虚拟机,选择系统类别的时候,只能选择32位的系统。经过多番查阅资料,找到了解决之道,写这篇博文也是为了给后来者一些参考。T... VirtualBox安装文档 简单直接,傻瓜式安装 安装已完成!...然后vagrant -v ...上一章我用win10安装的docker,但是为...主要是因为VirtualBox和win10上的Hyper-V不能共存 虽然可以设置开机启动项 从而让Hyper-V、... 确实让人激动了一把,可是第二天,广大开发人员就面临了如何安装的问题。微软明确说明这个版本只适用于开发者,所以请那些喜欢看电影聊天的还是不要安装为好,对你们没什么用处。还有微软对于这个版本说实话,制作的... Windows 8 Developer Preview 确实让人激动了一把,下载可以参考前一篇文章:盘点微软Windows 8主要功能并附Windows8开发人员预览版下载,可是第二天,广大开发人员就面临了如何安装的问题。微软明确说明这个版本只... 说起来我一直没有安装过Windows服务器版的系统,所以最近想尝试...想要体验新系统无非两种办法,虚拟机和真机安装。虚拟机虽然方便,但是性能不太好。但是真机安装需要额外的空白分区。但是对于Windows系统来说,有一, 并不是完整题库,但是有智鼎在线2019年9、10、11三个月的试题,有十七套以上题目,普通的网申行测题足以对付,可以在做题时自己总结一些规律,都不是很难, 60个Android开发精典案例,好东西 Only the Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Subsystem for Linux are installed. I have been working out building my team's vagrant stack out for hyperv but it is a pain since it can't handle networking. What I find particularly problematic is that there is no official statement of Microsoft or Oracle that they recognize the issue and are working on it, I cannot find any dedicated tickets for this on either side. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Strangely, booting a Linux guest works well for me with WSL2. Have a question about this project? 远离win10,珍爱生命, Jackindata: Tried both of the following acceleration settings in VirtualBox but neither affects the outcome: In normal mode, boot to the blinking cursor blank screen that others have mentioned: Booting in safe mode provides a bit more info but still gets stuck: After I changing the setting of "Paravirtualization Interface" at "guest machine setting-System-Acceleration" from Legacy to Hyper-V, the Windows guest can boot properly. Probably better to use the latests test build of VB or to wait for VB 6.1.16. 这样的教程网上有很多,我先简单复述一下。真正麻烦的是我遇到的问题——开启 Hyper-V 后我的电脑会多出几个删不掉的虚拟显示器来,会在文章结尾提出解决方法。 I just tried installing VirtualBox 6.1.14 on Windows 10 with WSL2 installed, and I get exact same problem as original poster of this issue. Do you have the Pro version of Windows? As soon as I re-enable Transparency effects, the guest becomes unusable as the UI does not update upon mouse clicks or key presses. Only after disabling the WSL2/VM feature it boots properly. This happens despite the VM being configured to use HyperV and with HyperV enabled in Windows Features. 文章目录Ubuntu 18.04 安装网易云音乐1 安装, 以echarts折线图为例 wsl2ありますよね、linux kernel使ってるやつ。 Docker for Windows ももしかしたら聞いたことがあるかもしれません。 これらを使うとvirtualboxが仮想環境の競合で使用不能になります。 wsl2とDocker for Windows はhyper-vを使用していますが、 启用wsl24. I can confirm that 6.1.14 still produces frequent hash sum mismatches, as @nchengyeeshen reported, and network issues. It was said WSL2 Docker Desktop has seamless running on Windows 10 Home as well. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Unfortunately, it's not true. Downgrading to WSL 1 does not really work for me either, due to various compatibility and performance issues.

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